Paola Bonfante

Paola Bonfante

University of Torino, Italy

Department of Life Science and Systems Biology, University of Torino, Italy

The biology of plant microbe interactions, with specific attention to mycorrhizal symbioses, represents the research field of PB. Starting with a morphological characterization of the mycorrhizal typologies, she has progressively moved her attention to the cellular and molecular basis of the interactions between plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi including signalling and functional aspects. She is currently involved in the investigation of genomics and functional genomics of some mycorrhizal fungi and, thanks to the application of next generation sequencing, her current projects are aimed to understand how crops of economic interest (from tomato to wheat, from grapevine to rice) respond to arbscular mycorrhizal fungi and to other components of the plant microbiota.  With the discovery of endobacteria living inside mycorrhizal fungi she has pioneered a field, which at the moment is attracting great attention: the fungal-bacterial interactions.

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Microbiomes and their role in plant health

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