Matteo Lorito

Matteo Lorito

Director Department of Agricultural Sciences
University of Naples, Italy

University of Naples, Naples, Italy

Major interest on various aspects of biological control and in particular on the use of the fungal agent Trichoderma for a variety of agricultural and industrial applications. Ongoing research aims to understand the relationships that these antagonists establish with the plant, the pathogen and the rest of the plant-associated microbiome, thus elucidating the mechanisms responsible for bio-proitection and bio-fertilization. Important findings include the discovery of molecular factors that regulate these interactions, and antimicrobial genes useful for increasing plant disease resistance. His research has contributed to the development of new biopesticide and biofertilizer products (about 10 products on the market worldwide) based on single microbial strains, microbial communities or natural bioactive compounds of fungal origin.

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Biocontrol, natural compounds and plant defense stimulants

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Matteo Lorito “New bio-inspired treatments derived from microbiome and metabolome study”

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