Research manager
Institute of Sustainable Plant Protection -CNR, Bari, Italy

National Research Council of Italy (CNR) – Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection (IPSP)
Research manager – Responsible of the Unit of Bari of the Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection

Since the first detection (2013) of Xylella fastidiosa in symptomatic plants of olive, oleander and almond in Apulia (Southern Italy), he has been involved in the characterization of the local strain of the bacterium and in the study of its epidemiology. Currently is serving as coordinator of the Project “Pest Organisms Threatening Europe” (POnTE), a four year project funded by the Program Horizon 2020 (GA n. 635646) started at the end of 2015. Major research lines  are: Development of diagnostic protocols for the early detection of Xylella fastidiosa; strain identification through MLST and genome analysis; Identification of insect vectors of the bacterium, confirmed through transmission tests; identification of the host species of the CoDiRO strain of X. fastidiosa; biological tests to characterize the pathogenicity of the CoDiRO strain in several species of host plants; establishment of experimental plots of olive germplasm and screening for the selection of varieties tolerant or resistant to X. fastidiosa; search of biomolecules that can be applied to prevent or reduce host colonization (i.e. DSF); Search and characterization of endophytic bacteria that can cross protect against X. fastidiosa; Development of pest management regimes to mitigate the impact and the further spread of X. fastidiosa.

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