Dimitris Tsitsigiannis

Dimitris Tsitsigiannis

Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology
Athens Agricultural University, Greece

Agricultural University of Athens , Athens, Greece

Ass. Prof. Dimitris Tsitsigiannis research group is working on developing and testing in the lab and in the field more effective, durable and environmentally sustainable integrated management strategies to control important plant diseases utilizing classical and molecular plant pathology approaches. His special research interests are: 1) Integrated management of mycotoxigenic fungi and mycotoxins in pistachios, grapes, corn and barley (epidemiology, evaluation of resistant/tolerant varieties, evaluation of biocontrol products and fungicides for the control of mycotoxigenic fungi). 2) Elucidation of pathogenicity mechanisms of mycotoxigenic fungi and the soilborne plant pathogen Verticillium dahliae. 3) Investigation of the role of novel genetic factors and molecular mechanisms involved in plant innate immune system. 4) Evaluation of plant essential oils, zeolite, phosphite salts, surfactants and other tools and strategies in activation of plant defense mechanisms and control of plant diseases. 5) Novel solutions to improve diagnosis, forecasting, monitoring and information on plant pathogens and diseases utilizing technology and service innovations (i.e. applications for remote and mobile diagnosis, precision agriculture) in support of plant health and plant protection/phytiatry.

Web personal/lab page: efp.aua.gr/en/userpages_en/52

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